Saturday, 23 July 2011

Structure's Project

1. Ravensbourne Building
Feb-March 2011

2. The Ecology Park
Millenium Village, Greenwich
March 2011-Present


Project Info:
As part of our ambitious & innovative research program, each year the level one students fabricate a series of experimental structures. This year we collaborated with Stringer UK, a local retail & workplace design & manufacture company to digitally fabricate the components for four diverse & experimental installations, above is one of the final outcome. The flat-pack nature of these micro building enables them to take on a nomadic life. Initially the structures were installed within Ravensbourne Building before being installed at the Greenwich Peninsular Ecology Park as a refuge for wildlife for the reminder of the year.

Outstanding Members of the Group:
David Chan
Leroy Kerry
Natalia Ramirez
Jean-Paul Tugirimana

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